Learning Games – Open Sourced

We’re currently on the search for open sourced learning games! And maybe you are too?

Below are a list of all the good ones we’ve found so far, where the code is free for everyone to use and modify.

GCompris – Learning Games

GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10.

  • Computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen
  • Reading: letters, words, reading practice, typing text
  • Math: numbers, operations, table memory, enumeration, double entry table
  • Science: the canal lock, the water cycle, renewable energy
  • Geography: countries, regions, culture
  • Games: chess, memory, align 4, hangman, tic-tac-toe
  • Others: colors, shapes, Braille, learn to tell time

Memory Game for Kids

The classic game of pairing tiles together.

  • No ads, no access to the Internet nor to your private data. Just fun for kids!

Robocode – Learn to Code Game

Robocode is a programming and learning game where the goal is to code a robot battle tank to compete against other robots in a battle arena. The name Robocode mash up of the words “Robot code”, since you’re basically coding virtual robots.

  • The player is the programmer of the robot, who has no direct influence on the game. Instead, the player must write the instruction for the robot, telling it how to behave and react on events occurring in the battle arena. These instructions can also be also known as AI.
  • All battles run in real-time on the screen, so you can see your robot fighting.
  • This app runs in Java, so you’ll need to make sure that JVM 6 is installed first.

TIPP10 – Touch Typing Tutor Game

TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor game, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The software is easy to use and features a pretty clear user interface.

  • TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor game, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The software is easy to use and features a pretty clear user interface.
  • Beginners and even children should find their way around right away so they can start practicing without a hitch.
  • Learn touch typing quickly and efficiently with the program’s intelligent practice lessons, useful support functions and an extensive progress tracker.
  • You can also play a typing game and expand the app with open lessons or make your own to meet your specific needs.


An educational game for young children. MyABCs familiarizes children with the English alphabet and a keyboard.


  • Visualizations for learning the alphabet
  • Audio feedback for letters, names, & sounds

Playir – Create your own games and apps!

Playir is a program to create your own apps and games, and has open source client code.

  • Create your own mobile apps & 3D multiplayer games with their super-easy design tools for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5! Less programming, more playing.
  • Drag and drop – Makes your own menus and levels by simply dragging in new 3D models and images!
  • Real-Time – The changes you make via source code or through our visual game editor is live sync’d in real-time. You don’t need to waste time deploying to your devices or app stores, it just magically appears!
  • HTML5 – they can run-time translate slow HTML5 APIs into fixed C++ functions to get the performance of native and the flexibility of the web.
  • Open Source – their client side code is open source, so you can clone and publish anything you make directly on the app stores.
  • Note: the publishing app is not open sourced.


Found some more open sourced learning games that we didn’t mention? Please post in the comments below! We’d love to hear them.

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