Kids’ favorite learning apps – from a real kid

Who opinion matters most for learning apps? Kids, of course!

William is 6 years old, and he wants to give you his opinion of all the learning apps that he has tried.

We’ll break them down into 2 different categories (free, and paid), and then give you our top picks in each category. All of these apps are available for both iOS based iPads, and Android based tablets such the Kindle Fire tablets.

Kids Favorite Free Learning Apps

PBS Kids

William says: “On PBS Kids there’s a live TV feature. You can play games on PBS Kids.”

Khan Academy Kids

William says: “”

Khan Academy Kids App


William says: “Parents and teachers can plan lessons for kids on i-Ready. There are learning games on i-Ready.”

Kids Favorite Paid Learning Apps

ABC Mouse

William says: “”

Adapted Mind

William says: “”

Writing City

William says: “”

MacBook Pro near white open book

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