How To Get Mythical Epics in Prodigy

If you want Mythical Epics on Prodigy, you’ll have to fulfill a quest and collect multiple items. But where to can you find which items to collect?

To get to Mythical Epics in Prodigy, follow these steps:

Click on the button that says Mythical Epics.
Click that big bar on the left that says Magmayhem (or whichever Epic is showing for you).
Click on one of 3 blue buttons that I circled. Above, I already have an Epic named Magmayhem.

After you collect the items shown, and fulfill the quest, then you’ll get your Mythical Epic. Above, I have Magmayhem, but yours may be different depending on the season.

Epic Quest Success!

That’s it! Now you should have a Mythical Epic.

We hope that was helpful! If you want to say thanks, please drop us a comment below. If you’re interested in other Prodigy topics, we’ve got an article about how to get Prodigy Ultimate Pets.


  1. I just signed up for the prodigy membership and it was the ultimate membership but when I try to get mythical epics it asks me to become a member? but I aleready am what do I do

    • im sorry but you have to do this sorry you need to get level but you have to cancel and try to get the level up membership see if that work then ask dad to geet the membership okay

  2. Dave, this sounds like it might just be a browser caching issue. Please try hitting the refresh button on your web browser, or if that doesn’t work, try clearing your web browser cache.

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